Here are the fun facts about our compost:

Compost Bin #1.

Do’s and Don’ts


Please bring all your kitchen scraps for the compost.

  • Cut up kitchen scraps before putting them in the compost, the smaller the pieces the quicker they will decompose
  • Composts love coffee grinds, tea, lint from the dryer and shredded paper
  • Remove any and all plastic that you find when turning the compost and dispose of it in the trashcan
  • Remove all large sticks and place them in Compost Bin #2
  • Replace the tarp when done


  • No animal scraps of any kind in compost
  • No large pits like avocado and mango
  • No plastic

Turning the compost is easy. If you don’t think you are doing it right here is just the basics. You can just dig a big hole in the center and place what is on top of the compost in the hole and cover over. Or you can just move the matter around. You just want to introduce oxygen to the mix that is all.

Happy Composting!