Here is an “everything you need to know” short videoIMG_0913 from Fine Gardening about tending to your tomato plants that includes pruning, staking, when to top, etc. I had no idea one should prune their tomato plants and also sacrifice the first buds to allow for fuller growth.  I see lots of great plants at our garden and hope this article will give you some ideas on how best to grow them for the optimum yield. It would appear one has to research their specific variety to discern whether one has a determinant or indeterminant tomato plant–something else I did not know!  I follow Greensgrow Farms located in Kensington on Facebook and found this article on their page.  Last year I transplanted four plants in July, did no pruning and no soil enhancement and enjoyed tomatoes until last November.  So, with some improved skills maybe this year will be even better.  Enjoy!