When: October 18th, 2014
Time: 09:30 am
Where: Girard Garden

Marigold Dye Day

This summer we’ve been growing marigolds in one of the open plots and they are ready for dyeing! You are cordially invited to a natural dye workshop to experiment with this dye! We’ll go over the basics and do some test dyeing, hopefully leaving you with inspiration for this fall and upcoming planting season!

You are welcome to bring items up to the size of a t-shirt so we have room for everyone’s things- skeins of yarn, silk scarf blanks, handkerchiefs, lace & trim, etc. We highly recommend these items be white or natural, as yellow is a weaker color and won’t over-dye stronger colors, and be made of 100% natural fibers, as synthetics will not take the dye at all.

A $1 donation would be greatly appreciated to cover materials!